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Black Rotary Dial Telephones

Interior Decorating with an Absence of Color

Our selection of Black Rotary Dial Telephones provides the perfect choice for using Black in your home's Interior Decorating designs!
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Mid-Century Modern Model 500 Rotary Dial

$44.95 + s/h

Tested, Cleaned and Polished... These are the actual black rotary dial phones used in people's homes in the 1960's and 1970's. Produced by ITT under a license from Western Electric, these phones have been tested and cleaned by us but retain the character that prove their decades of service. These telephones are not replicas! The first time your home loses power, you will remember the value of the technology of simpler times. NOT recommended for VOIP or DSL systems.


Why is Black used so often by interior decorators?

Black is considered a "Drama Color" because your eye is attracted to it. Decorators have long known that to make a part of a room "pop" they simply should place a black item there. That item can be a black vase, a black picture frame... OR A BLACK PHONE!!

What makes Black such a striking color?

You tend to take note of Black because it is the Absence of Color. Black objects are more noticeable because they absorb all the rays of the light spectrum rather than reflecting some colors (red, blue, yellow, green, etc.) or all colors (white). Black is such an eye catching color that the newest camoflauge uniforms of the U.S. Army don't contain any black because the whole idea of camouflage is to avoid being noticed by the naked eye.


Why choose a Black Telephone?

A black rotary dial telephone has an advantage over other black items because it is mechanically functional as opposed to a vase or picture frame for instance. It also can match an era that you are using in your home design plan such as Art Deco, Mid-Century modern, etc.


Why do home decorating magazines never have a phone in their pictures of a house?

Because modern phones are so ugly that they take away from the beauty of a room!

The photographers "dress" the rooms by removing telephones, televisions, and other "distractions" from each room's appearance before taking any photos.


Will your Black Rotary Dial Telephones still work after all these years on my home telephone line?

Yes, we guarantee that they will work on standard home telephone system wiring. A Black Rotary Dial Telephone is perfect for those areas where you take calls rather than make calls since you aren't worried about the speed of the dial. Our replicas are better for those people who expect to make lots of calls from their telephone since they have touch-tone buttons in the dialfaces.


What about on VOIP, DSL, or other internet phone systems?

All of our replica telephones will work on DSL, VOIP, and standard phone lines.

All of our telephones (including the Model 500) should work on a DSL line provided that you put the normal DSL filter on it.

Our original Model 500 phones will not normally work on VOIP lines unless you make special modifications to accommodate underpowered VOIP systems. You should contact your internet provider to check prior to buying the original Model 500's.


Do you ship overseas?

Currently we ship only to North America ( U.S., Mexico, and Canada).


Buy With Confidence!

We are an affiliate of which is a trusted name in Vintage Telephones for years. Our phones come with a money back guarantee that they will work in your home. BoldOldPhones has sold thousands of these phones over the internet in the past five years and is a Paypal Verified Merchant.


Replica Wall Phone

$49.95 + s/h

High Usage-- Best Option! Good interior design takes into account how items in a room will be used. By definition, any black wall phone will probably be located so that it can be used to both MAKE and TAKE calls. For that reason alone we recommend that you do NOT buy an actual black wall phone. Instead the Crosley Replica Wall Phone we offer has touch-tone buttons in place of the dial fingerholes and offers the look of the rare black wall phones of old but with the convenience of modern touch-tone technology.


European Style Replica Telephone

$49.95 + s/h

European Styling! For those who not only want a black phone but also to match a European design theme in a room, we offer the Crosley Replica Kettle Phone. This phone offers the style you are looking for without the hassles of making an actual European rotary dial telephone work in your American home. Like all of the Crosley replicas, it has touch-tone dialing. Works well with VOIP, DSL, and standard phone systems.


Wall Posters of Antique Telephones

Posters can add a touch of the old telephone charm to a room. One neat interior design trick is to place your black telephone in front of a print of a phone. While we do not sell posters directly, we have picked a few selections from for you to consider.

Replica "Lucy" Phone

$49.95 + s/h

For technical reasons we recommend that you do NOT buy an actual telephone from the 1930's and 40's since it may not work satisfactorily in your home. Instead we offer the Crosley Replica of the Model 302 phone made famous by Lucy and Desi. This phone has touch-tone buttons in place of the dial fingerholes and offers the look of the old-time phones with the convenience of modern technology. Works well with VOIP, DSL, and standard phone systems.



$229.95 + s/h

A Rotary Dial Cell Phone? This phone is the Mid-Century modern Model 500 that has been updated to work as a Cellular Phone. Simply put your cell phone SIM card in it, turn the unit on, and dial and receive calls normally. It uses your phone number and your account minutes. Perfect for locations in your office or home where telephone wiring may be a problem. Lasts for several days on a charge.


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